加えて、オーストラリアのフットボールのチーム、Jakarta Bintangsと協力して、インドネシアチームが食べ物や水を購入して、避難所に届けられるように2,000ドルの寄付をしました。

Extensive rainfall in Jakarta over the past several days has resulted in severe flooding in the city, leaving 50,000 people homeless, and local authorities have declared a state of emergency.

Many of Company A’s Indonesia team members based in Jakarta have been impacted by the floods, with roads blocked, trains not running and many areas of the city completely under water. Indonesia’s Company A team is making every effort to provide support to those affected and continues to monitor the status of associates who have been impacted – most have now evacuated with their families.
Picture: Indonesia team member navigates
Jakarta flood waters following a client meeting

The Company A team has also been working tirelessly to provide support to those Indonesians in communities most severely affected by the floods, including collecting donations from staff (Company A is matching all donations raised) and distributing food to local shelters. In addition, Company A has teamed up with local Australian football club, Jakarta Bintangs, and raised almost $2,000 which the Company A team will use to purchase food, water and provisions to distribute to shelters.

Associates who wish to support to those affected by the floods should contact local Company A representative Raika SSSS. Alternatively, share your thoughts, prayers and best wishes with the Jakarta team on Company A Now Connections (Company A ).